WISE Profile™

WISE Profile™The WISE (Women’s Inventory for Success Empowerment) Profile™ is a powerful evidence based self-report behavior inventory designed to measure career and leadership success factors. Administered online and taking approximately 30 minutes to complete, this unique tool is specially designed to be used by women as well as coaches, HR/OD professionals, managers, and leaders who support women’s professional and personal development in order to better leverage the talents of women.

The information obtained from the WISE Profile™ tool is highly valuable to help women understand their natural strengths and unique gifts, identify what is holding them back, potential areas of growth, and understand what they can do to move forward in a powerful and confident way in their careers.

No matter what stage a woman is at in her career, this assessment will give her valuable insight into her competency level on these five critical career success factors.

The WISE Profile is available in two formats, the WISE Profile™ self-report and WISE Performance™ 360°.  If you are a women who has an interest in your own professional development or you are a coach, consultant, HR/OD professionals, manager or leader interested in a tool that will help you support women in their professional development please provide your contact information below and we will connect with you to answer any questions you have about taking or administering the tool.

For more information about the WISE Profile™, including availability for individuals or groups interested in taking the assessment, please provide your contact information below.

To learn about certification/qualification to administer the self-report or WISE Performance™ 360° profiles, please click here.

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