Our specialist practice leaders carry certifications in a wide range of psychometric assessments that can be used in their standard form or customized to address a particular need of an organization. Below are some of the assessments that are regularly used in our practice.

DISC Personality Test:
Is a nonjudgmental personality assessment with the purpose of helping people to understand their own and other’s behavioral styles and personality types.

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument:
Identifies an individual’s preferred approach and perspective towards their emotional, analytical, structural and strategic thinking.

Myer-Briggs Type Instrument:
Identifies behavioral preferences to enhance a person’s understanding of themselves, their motivations, natural strengths and areas for growth.

WorkPlace Big Five:
Indicates the five personality supertraits and 23 subtraits that explain the work-related behaviors that people encounter daily in the workplace.

FIRO-B | Strong Interest Inventory | Thomas Kilmann | California Psychological Inventory

MSCEIT Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test | Workplace Values Inventory

Watson Glaser II Critical Thinking Inventory | CareerLeader | StrengthsFinder